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Pop-Up Solid Wall

Pop-Up Solid Wall

Enhance your instant tent rentals with our Solid Sidewalls for added protection and privacy. Ideal for events in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. Book now for a secure, professional setup.



Solid Sidewalls for Instant Tent Rentals

Enhance your instant tent rentals with VANCAN Event Rentals’ Solid Sidewalls. These durable sidewalls provide added protection and privacy, making them an excellent addition to your event setup. Perfect for various weather conditions, they help create a comfortable and enclosed space for your guests.

Added Protection and Privacy

Our Solid Sidewalls are designed to offer maximum protection from wind, rain, and sun, ensuring your event goes smoothly regardless of the weather. The sidewalls also provide an extra layer of privacy, making them ideal for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

Durable and High-Quality Materials

Constructed from high-quality materials, our Solid Sidewalls are built to last. They are easy to attach to your instant tent, creating a secure and stable enclosure. The sleek design ensures they blend seamlessly with any event decor, adding both functionality and style to your setup.

Easy Installation and Versatility

At VANCAN Event Rentals, we prioritize ease of use. Our Solid Sidewalls are lightweight and easy to install, allowing you to set up and take down quickly. They are versatile and can be used with various sizes of instant tents, making them suitable for any event.

Looking for additional event enhancements? Explore our Pop Up Party Packages to complement your tent setup. Our comprehensive packages ensure you have everything you need for a successful event.

Service Across Metro Vancouver

We proudly serve Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and surrounding areas. Our Solid Sidewalls for Instant Tent Rentals ensure your event is well-equipped and protected from the elements.

Book Solid Sidewalls for your Instant Tent Rentals today with VANCAN Event Rentals. Make your event comfortable and secure with our high-quality sidewalls. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service and equipment to ensure your event runs smoothly and impresses all your guests.

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