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10×20 Pop Up

10×20 Pop Up

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and style with our 10×20 Pop Up Tent Rentals. Ideal for a variety of outdoor events, these tents provide ample space, quick setup, and reliable protection against the elements.



10×20 Pop Up Tent Rentals

Discover the convenience of our 10×20 Pop Up Tent Rentals for your next outdoor event. These versatile tents are ideal for a wide range of activities, from market stalls to outdoor workshops, family reunions, and small gatherings.

Ease of Use: Our 10×20 Pop Up Tents are designed for quick setup, offering immediate shelter and a comfortable environment for your guests. Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, they ensure durability and protection, suitable for various weather conditions.

Spacious Interior: The generous interior of our tents allows for flexible arrangement of tables, chairs, and other essentials. They are perfect for creating a welcoming and shaded area for guests to mingle and enjoy the event.

Spacious and Convenient 10×20 Tents

Maximize your event space with style and ease, thanks to the generous size of our 10×20 Pop Up Tent Rentals.

Tent Size and Capacity:

  • Suitable for 40-50 people in a standing reception or cocktail setting.
  • Accommodates 24-30 people for a seated dinner arrangement.

Take a look at our tailored Pop-Up Party Package for added savings and convenience!

Quick Setup for Immediate Shelter

Effortless assembly is a key feature of these tents, making them ideal for various outdoor occasions.

Choose our 10×20 Pop Up Tents for event planners seeking a perfect balance of space, ease, and adaptability. They provide reliable and stylish shelter for a variety of outdoor occasions.

For your next event, consider the perfect combination of size and convenience offered by our 10×20 Pop Up Tents. Contact us to reserve your tent and ensure a successful and comfortable event.

Local Rentals for Your Elegant Celebrations::

Located in Surrey, our services extend throughout the entire Metro Vancouver region, with a focus on local clients to ensure fast and reliable service. Delve into our extensive rental selections and secure your 10×20 Pop Up Tent Rental for an elegant atmosphere at your cherished events. Experience premier quality and convenience in Surrey, Vancouver, and neighboring communities. Discover the perfect solution for your next gathering or celebration, and let us help make your event memorable with our sophisticated and versatile tent options.

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